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We can play a critical part by starting with good personal hygiene – the first line of defense in protecting ourselves and our loved ones. At American Standard™, we remain committed to delivering safe, beautiful and purposeful products to promote better bathroom hygiene and improve family well-being. Our HygieneClean™ System is the new standard of safety in the bathroom, delivered by revolutionary technologies that effectively eliminate dirt and prevent bacteria growth, giving you complete peace of mind.

7 Habits to Better

Bathroom Hygiene

Upgrade Your Bathroom For A

Complete Hygiene Solution


Inspired by form and simplicity, Acacia Evolution’s design exhibits soft, thin edges and is technologically equipped with revolutionary innovations.

Acacia Supasleek

Inspired by architectural slim, Acacia SupaSleek™ now boasts an ultra-sleek edge for that sleeker, modern style with zero compromises on comfort and technology.


Pure Simplicity of Form

Easy Set

Customize your perfect shower with just a push and a turn with EasySET.